Researcher/Lecturer in Machine Learning Engineering and Autonomous Systems

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Arcada University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki welcomes applications for a position as Researcher/Lecturer in Machine Learning Engineering and Autonomous Systems at the Department of Business and Analytics. The position, which is established through a research grant, will give the candidate an opportunity to improve both research skills and teaching methods. In close collaboration and support of colleagues, you are expected to spend most of your time solving research problems and to disseminate your results through publications. You will also be teaching and supervising similar subjects at both bachelor and master level. 

 A main criterion for employment is an expressed research focus on interactive-based learning methods, such as reinforcement learning for autonomous systems. The successful candidate will have an important role and freedom in developing the area of machine learning at the department, both in research and in education. Research will initially be conducted under the supervision of established researchers at the department. The successful candidate should also develop collaboration across institutional boundaries inside and outside the university. The position is initially a one-year long position that may be extended after evaluation and availability of funding.  

As part of this position you will: 

  • do research within the area of machine learning enabled software development, with a focus on approaches to address intelligent autonomous systems.  
  • develop high-performance computing (HPC) software for model training based on interactive learning. 
  • develop novel and scalable software solutions for some of the most demanding research problems in the field. 
  • teaching and thesis supervision, primarily within machine learning, analytics, software development and related areas. 
  • plan research projects and make new applications for research grants. 
  • work may also include some administrative assignments, including communicating research.  

Assessment criteria: 

  • primarily a candidate with a doctoral degree due to the research focus, but a master’s degree in software engineering, computer science, technical physics or applied mathematics may be acceptable.  
  • publication experience in the field from academic peer-reviewed journals or conferences.  
  • strong emphasis will be put on the candidate’s demonstrated ability to collaborate and communicate within research, incl. their ability to disseminate their expertise in a transdisciplinary form.  
  • a high level of proficiency in both spoken and written English is a requirement.  
  • previous teaching experience and positive student feedback holds significant merit.  
  • maturity of expressed research focus on interactive-based learning, using methods such as reinforcement learning. 
  • experience from simulation environments, such as physics-based digital twins or game environments are advantageous. 
  • previous experience from developing high-performance computing software. 
  • proficiency in solving research problems in Python is required. 

As a University of Applied Sciences, we seek a software-oriented colleague with a practical and experimental approach, that enjoy exploring the different aspects of building autonomous systems for the future. The application should include a maximum 2-page research motivation that addresses the field of interactive-based learning, this in addition to a CV, publication list, and cover letter. The position is a temporary position during the period 10th Aug 2020 – 09th Aug 2021 (12months, incl. vacation).  Salary is roughly 3200€/month. 

Hand in application by June 5th 2020. Note: suitable candidates will be interviewed in a rolling basis until the position is filled. So please apply asap. 

For more information contact Vice Head of Department, Magnus Westerlund, phone +358-207699540, email



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